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Our Mission

  • Presenting the data to make it easy to understand the competition between the biggest construction companies of the Turkey, and compering them.
  • Presenting the summary information, customers generally want to learn about companies at first glance. ENR Turkey has summarized these information in one page which are obtained from over 10 different official sources.
    – What is the official registered name?
    – Who are the owners / authorities / founders?
    – What are your contact information?
    – Which tenders, with which partners did they win? What are the contract amount?
    – What is the annual profit, how much tax have they paid?
    – What was the old name of the company? etc…
  • Presenting the results of large scale contracts at Turkey to inform the construction sector and relevant.
  • Providing an opportunity for subcontractors and suppliers to contact with the construction companies for the right works at the right time.

Ranking System

  • Only the official results of the tenders that published at EKAP with tender registration number using for the ranking.
  • Joint venture or consortium shares are not taking into account for contract value calculations.
  • TOP-300 Construction Ranking system is based on higher than 100 Million Turkish Lira constructions contracts at a time.
  • TOP-300 Construction ranking is based on the contracts signed in last five years including the present year.
  • TOP-100 Consultancy ranking is based on the contracts signed in last three years including the present year.

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